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Y'all can call me T-rex (Always wanted that nickname XD) In a fandom? I'm probably in it too. ;)
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doctor who wishlist:


and I want them to not be attracted to the Doctor for a change

classic who 

what you want is more classic who


Or Castiel as a companion.

“Joss and I sat down for a long time at the end of Thor and he said: Tell me everything about living inside of this man for 6 months. Tell me what makes him tick, what keeps him up at night. What are the nightmares of his soul?” Tom Hiddleston

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im really tired of europeans on here reblogging posts about racism in america and adding shocked disapproving comments like “get it together america lol” as if there isn’t an enormous amount of racism in europe and as if it wasn’t the europeans that first colonized the new world that planted the seed of racism in north america

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I don’t know why this is making me laugh so hard

goodbye forever

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Shall we play a game?

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'Doctor Who' and the Eyebrows of Peter Capaldi - (via doctorwho)

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My eyebrows, which I’ve never taken much notice of in my life before, Steven’s decided are the most amazing comic devices. Now in the scripts, as a stage direction, instead of saying, “The Doctor looks peeved” or “The Doctor looks annoyed,” they just write, “Eyebrows.” I’m supposed to do something with my eyebrows.
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